Mi Store now lets you 'Mi Store Commitment' on new Apple's New M1 Mac for 30 days.

We help our customers to buy and try Apple’s new M1 Mac devices and experience the breakthrough technology for a period of 30 days to see whether the products meet their requirements. The program gives peace of mind with a guaranteed 100% cashback as long as the below terms and conditions are met.

a) 30 Days trail for the Programe.
b) One on one Personal training.
c) 2 hours additional personal training that can be used during this program period
d) Office 365 trail for 30 Days.

Mi Store Commitment Terms and Conditions to be eligible for a refund:

a) The promotion is comprised of an offer by Mi Store to refund the full purchase price paid by the customer, limited to Apple’s new M1 Mac. The eligible product must be purchased at Mi Store during the promotional period, and the participant can apply for the refund after using the product for no more than 30 days and then return the used product.
b) Refund will only take place when the participant has tried the product for a maximum of 30 Days and provided the necessary paperwork to process their refund application, and returned their used product. The returned product must be in its original condition, in its original packaging, and be accompanied by all original in-box material, including but not limited to original documentation, software, accessories, and cables. The refund may be denied or reduced if these conditions are not met.
c) Deadline for returning the M1 Mac at the MiCare, upon agreement with the Mi Store.
d) Once the returned product has been validated by MiCare and if the application is valid, the refund will take place from Mi Store.
e) Participants providing an incomplete application will be offered the opportunity to provide the required items within 5 days of the request of Mi Store. If the participant still fails to comply with the terms and conditions, the refund will be refused and any submitted product will be returned to the participant.
f) The refund will only be paid upon satisfaction by the participant of these terms and conditions. By completing the application process, participants confirm their acceptance of these terms and conditions.
g) This offer cannot be used in conjunction with other offers running in the same period.
h) In order to be eligible for a refund, participants must have purchased the product themselves. By accepting these terms and conditions, the participant confirms that he/she is a business customer, is over 18 years of age, the legal owner of the product, and that this ownership is not subject to the rights of third parties, as for example reservation of the property.
i) Refund applications and proof of purchase become and remain the property of Mi Store and are held at its risk, only whilst the product is retained. Proof of purchase cannot be returned in case a refund is granted.
j) The participant is in the obligation of erasing all data from the used device. Likewise is in the obligation to deactivate “Find my Mac” features. If the participant still fails to comply with the terms and conditions (unable to deactivate Find my Mac or erase personal data), the refund will be refused and any submitted product will be returned to the participant.
k) Responsibility for lost, late, damaged, or misdirected applications for refund cannot be accepted, except in the event of negligence, fault or deliberate acts or omissions on the part of Mi Store. Mi Store is not responsible or liable for any technical, hardware, software, server, website, or other failures or damage of any kind.
l) Upon registration, the participant should provide their details to Mi Store, and they will be transferred to its allied company to carry out this promotion and for marketing and quality control analysis.
m) Mi Store is not responsible for storing, processing and transferring the participant’s details.

Other Terms and Conditions

a) Mi Store reserves the right to alter, amend, or foreclose this promotion without prior notice.
b) The promotion is open to companies and professionals who are located in the Sultanate of Oman.
c) The promotional period is applicable from [22/04/2021] until [26/06/2021]. Only the products that have been purchased during the promotional period are eligible for a refund.
d) By participating in the Mi Store Commitment program, participants agree to share their details for advertising and promotions, regarding new products and services, and for future market and quality control analysis purposes.
e) Mi Store/Mi Care does not hold the responsibility to backup/transfer the customer’s personal data during the promotion.