iPad 10.9 - inch (10th Gen)
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Apple has released a new 10.9-inch iPad model, and the new iPad comes with a significantly revamped design.

The 2022 iPad's display has grown by over half an inch, lost the Home Button, gained flat sides like Apple's other recent devices, and includes more modern features like a USB-C port and an upgraded A-14 Bionic Chip.

Explore the new iPad 10.9 inch 2022 features

The display has grown from 10.2 to 10.9 inches, matching the existing iPad Air. As a result, unlike Apple's other recent iPads, there is no longer a Home Button.
An A14 Bionic chipset, last seen in the iPhone 12, powers the device. That provides so much more power compared to the previous iPad 10.2 inches. The new iPad 10.9 inches supports 5G data on the cellular version of the 10.9 inch iPad.
The front camera is now located on the iPad's long side, indicating that it is intended to be used horizontally, as many apps now prefer. Because of its positioning, The 10.9-inch iPad has an increased 12MP resolution and Center Stage tracking support, which will be especially useful for video calling.
Apple has also updated the Magic Keyboard Folio for the new iPad, allowing you to use a trackpad to type and navigate the interface.