Electronic Devices Insurance


WHEREAS the Insured described in the Schedule hereto (hereinafter called the " the Insured/Insured Person/you/your") made a proposal and declaration which shall be the basis of this contract and is deemed to be incorporated herein and having paid or agreed to pay the premium stated in the Schedule as consideration for such insurance during the period stated in the Schedule.

Dhofar Insurance Company S.A.O.G, (hereinafter called the " the Insurer, we, Our , Company or Us ") will subject to the insurance terms exceptions and conditions contained hereinafter indemnify the insured for Risks derived from Accidental Damage, Robbery & Burglary Insurance policies for Smartphones and Tablets, issued by Dhofar Insurance Company, to the extent of the amount limits and exclusions, Policy conditions, both hereafter enclosed, which will form an integral part of this Insurance.

Dhofar Insurance agrees subject to the terms and conditions contained herein or endorsed or otherwise expressed hereon, to indemnify the Insured to the extent and in the manner specified herein, against Accidental Damage, Robbery & Burglary to the insured device as identified hereafter during the Policy period.

Terms and Conditions of Smart Devices Accidental Damage, Robbery & Burglary Insurance
1. General Definitions

1. Device: It is understood for the purpose of this insurance that Device will always mean Smartphones or Tablets as outlined in the policy schedule.

2. Policy schedule: The document(s) containing Insured Person Details, Device Details and Specifications, Sum Insured as per Purchase Invoice, Period of Insurance, selected insurance covers, Insurance Premium and deductible. Policy schedule contains unique number and is subject to the terms and conditions of Smart Devices Accidental Damage, Robbery & Burglary Insurance.

3. Insured Person: The natural or legal person identified in the Policy Schedule (Certificate) that owns the insured Device included under the cover of this Insurance Policy, and who is entitled, where fitting, to the rights derived from the insurance policy

4. Beneficiary: Person or persons considered by the Policyholder or, where applicable, the Insured, to be entitled to receive any assistance duly covered or, where applicable, the amount corresponding to any indemnity provided or under the terms of the insurance policy.

5. Insurer: We, Insurer, us, Company or our means Dhofar Insurance Company S.A.O.G located in the Sultanate of Oman;

6. Insured amount: The amount set forth in the Specific Conditions of the Policy and which represents the maximum value of the compensation for each covered Device.

7. Incident: A claim related to the Insurance Policy raised by the Insured Person to the Insurance Company claiming the benefit of such Insurance Policy.

8. Insured property: the Device (Smart Phones, Tablets) as outlined in the policy schedule.

9. Assistance Company/ Claims Administrator: Gulf Assist W.L.L., with commercial registration number 32067, and with P.O. Box 2790, Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain that is designated by the Reinsurer for provisioning the Assistance Services.

10. Accidental damage: means accidental physical breakage, destruction or failure of the covered Device(s) due to an unforeseen event which causes physical damage to the Insured Device and that prevents it from operating correctly

11. Intentional damage: Means any loss arising out of any act, or wilful neglect by the Insured Person to commit or conspire to commit with the intent to cause a loss, including imposition of any abnormal conditions to the Insured Property.

12. Purchase price: Means the price effectively paid by Insured Person and as evidenced on the sales receipt or invoice, for the Insured Property. The price includes any duty, levy or tax raised by any competent authority in Oman.

13. Device Age: References in this insurance Policy to Age will be understood from the period running from the date of purchase of the Insured Device.

14. Abrasion means: The process of scraping or wearing down by friction. A wearing, grinding, or rubbing away by friction which in any instance don’t arise as a result of the normal wear and tear of the Insured Device.

15. Liability Limit: means the thresholds set forth in the conditions of this insurance Policy, or relevant plan, and which represent the maximum benefits covered under each Insurance Policy.

16. Claim: Any event whose consequences are totally or partially covered by the guarantees of this policy. The collection of damages arising out of one event constitutes one loss/accident.

17. Claim form: Document to be completed by the Insured Person for processing any claims duly covered by this Policy

18. Claim notification: The Insured must report the occurrence of a claim to the Insurer.

19. Depreciation: The reduction in value suffered by the Insured Device as a result of use or the simple passage of time.

20. Excess: The amount the Insured has to pay in case of a claim.

21. IMEI: Acronym which stands for “International Mobile Equipment Identity”. The IMEI code is a unique 15 or 17- digit number which permits the unequivocal identification of any mobile device associated with a GSM or UMTS network

22. Serial Number- “S/N”, “SNID” or “Serial No”: Unique number which permits the unequivocal identification of any electronic device set by the manufacturer on the device itself. The serial number may be a character string that includes letters and other typographical symbols.

23. Period of cover: The period from the Start Date until the earliest of the following:
.The date registered as of the Period of Cover as shown in the Policy schedule
.The date when the accumulated valid claims cost exceeds the Purchase Value of the Insured Device
.The date in which this Policy is cancelled.
24. Negligence: means a conscious and voluntary disregard of the need to use reasonable care, which is likely to cause foreseeable grave injury or harm to persons or a property.

25. Breakdown: Any deterioration or destruction of the Device that is the result of some external, accidental, unpredictable cause and prevents the Device from functioning correctly partially or completely. A breakdown event shall not be deemed a Force Majeure event.

26. Burglary: Means (1) the forcible entry or exit of premises and (2) taking away illegally the Insured Device from the Insured Person. Visible signs of forced entry must be present in order for loss to be covered.

27. Premium: The price of the insurance that the Policyholder must pay the Company to cover the risks provided in this Policy, the premium invoice will also include commissions, charges and the legally applicable taxes.

28. Device range: Category within which the insured Device falls, according to its purchase value or its special features. This will determine the coverage and limits which will correspond to it, in accordance with this policy.

29. Robbery: Means the taking of the Insured Good from the Insured Person using violence, threats or intimidation.

30. Third party: For the purposes of this insurance contract, a third party shall be deemed to be any person other than the Policyholder or the Insured, or the spouse, or firstdegree relatives, or employees of the Insured, where the Insured is a legal person; as well as any person not authorized by the Insured to use the Insured Device.

2. Cover
2.1 Accidental Damage

The Company shall bear the costs of repairing or replacing the insured Device in case of Accidental Damage as a result of the following sudden causes:
A. Damages caused by dropping or impacts.
B. Damages caused by the spill or accidental fall in liquids.
C. Damages caused by humidity.
D. Damages caused by Abrasion which in any instance don’t arise as a result of the normal wear and tear of the Insured Device.
E. Damages caused by sand.
F. Accidental damage due to Robbery or Burglary: Damages caused intentionally by third parties not authorized by the owner and using force or intimidation against the insured (a police report must be provided in the event of a claim)

2.2 Robbery and Burglary
In case of Robbery or Burglary the Insurer shall bear the costs of replacing the Insured Good.

2.2 The Cover is limited to:
i. During the lifetime of insurance Policy (Either 12 or 24 Months) The Insured Person is entitled to a maximum of: 2 claims for repair or 1 replacement of the Insured Device for the duration of the Insurance policy.
ii. Labour cost for the repair or replacement of the faulty or damaged part(s) on the Insured Device.
iii. The cost of the part(s) used to replace the faulty or damaged part(s).
iv. The replacement of the Insured Device with an identical or similar new Device having equivalent characteristics and quality in case of Accidental Damage, when the Insured Device is not repairable, or in case the cost of repairing the insured Device is higher than its replacement. The Authorized service centre has the right of providing the insured with a refurbished Device when having the option.
v. The replacement of the Insured Device with an identical or similar new one having equivalent characteristics and quality in case of quality in case of robbery or burglary.
vi. At the time of the claim the total amount of repairs and/or replacement should not exceed the original Purchase Price of the Insured Device.
vii. The total claim amount in the case of repair or replacement will be subject to a deductible payment (mentioned below) payable by the Insured Person.
viii. This Policy is not transferable to any subsequent owner of the Insured Device.
ix. This Policy is not Renewable or Extendable.
x. Accidental damage on smart phones back cover is included.
xi. The Policy shall automatically terminate upon claiming 2 repairs or when the Insured Device is replaced with a new one without prejudice to the exclusions of the general conditions and the covered limits.

3. Liability Limit
The covers set out in Article 2 are limited to:

a. Labour cost for the repair or replacement of the faulty or damaged part(s) on the Insured Device.

b. The cost of the part(s) used to replace the faulty or damaged part(s).

c. The replacement of the Insured Device with an identical or similar new Device having equivalent characteristics and quality in case of Accidental Damage, when the Insured Device is not repairable, or in case the cost of repairing the Insured Device is higher than its replacement or in case or Robbery or Burglary.

d. At the time of the claim the total amount of repairs and/or replacement should not exceed the original Purchase Price of the Insured Device

e. The total claim amount in the case of repair or replacement will be subject to the following DEDUCTIBLE payment payable by the Insured Person.

Deductible / Device Repair Claim
10% of the total Claim Invoice including taxes

Deductible / Device Replacement Claim
10% of the total Claim Invoice including taxes


The Insured Person may subscribe to Device Accidental Damage, Robbery & Burglary. Policy for 12/24 months (as per Policy schedule), the details of which are set out in sub-Article 2 above.


5.1 This insurance is not transferable to any subsequent owner of the Insured Device

5.2 The Insurance Policy must be purchased at the same time and date of purchasing the Insured Device

5.3 This Insurance Policy is not renewable or extendable.

5.4 The Device Identification Details must be identified on the Insurance Policy Schedule with the following: IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) or serial number, Brand and Model.

5.5 Subject to participating Plan, The Insured Person is entitled to a maximum of:

5.5.1 Two claims for repair to insured Device or 1 replacement for the duration of the Insurance Policy.

5.6 The maximum limit for replacement cost for the whole duration of the Insurance Policy will be in any case, the purchase value of the Insured Device as per the purchase Invoice.

5.7 The Insurance Policy shall automatically terminate when the insured Device replaced with the new one without prejudice to the exclusions of these General Conditions and the covered limits. The ownership of damaged Device shall automatically be transferred to the Assistance Company

5.8 If the Insured is subscribed to a monthly instalment plan, then the remaining full premium (12 or 24 months) will be deducted, along with the policy excess, in the event of either a replacement claim or a second repair claim.


6-1 In the event of any claim, the liability of the Insurer shall be conditional on the Insured claiming benefit having complied with and continuing to comply with the terms of this Policy.

6-2 The Insured shall keep original invoice and insurance Policy Schedule, containing the Device’s IMEI, Serial Number to avail the Accidental Damage, Robbery & Burglary benefit.

6-3 In the event of Accidental damage Robbery or Burglary covered under this policy, the insured person shall:
a. Take all reasonable precautions to minimize the loss.
b. As soon as possible telephone the Authorized Call Centre to notify the incident.
c. Provide the Authorized call centre with all relevant information as may be required.
e. The Insured person approves that any user/ password, email or applications (pre-set and/or installed) should be removed from the Insured Device at the time of claim. The Insured Person will give all requested information to the repair shop to access the Insured Device.
f. A backup copy of the insured Device’s data should be done by the Insured Person before giving the Insured Device to the workshop for repair/ replacement service.
g. The insured Person accepts that in case of Device replacement, the old Insured Device will not anymore his property and will become the property of the Assistance Company.
h. In case of any complaint about the service provided, the Insured Person shall notify the Authorized service centre within 5 working days starting from the service date by contacting the Operation centre.
i. The Insurer disclaims any responsibility for any loss or damage of information in the Insured Device and is not responsible for any breach to the privacy of the Insured Person’s information contained in the Insured Device.


On a general basis for all the guarantees and benefits under the present General Conditions, the consequences of the following are excluded from any guarantee object of this contract, shall not be provided for the following cases and their consequences:
a. Damage due to electrical or mechanical failure of the Insured Device falling under the scope of the manufacturer warranty.
b. Damages caused by viruses or any kind of software issue. understood as Software the programs installed in the smart phone that render the Insured Device inoperative.
c. If the damage has been produced by the use contrary to the recommendations or standards of the manufacturer.
d. Damages caused by a latent manufacturing defect.
e. Scratches, dents and any other purely external damage that does not affect the operation of the Device.
f. Damages caused by the configuration of user settings, or the process of backup or data recovery, loss, corruption, or damage to data operating systems.
g. Accidental damage caused by the power supply, electric drip, improper connection to the electrical network, adapters, stabilizers, surge suppressors, by faults in generators or transformers in general or other Devices or accessories unless authorized or supplied directly by the manufacturer.
h. Repairs, modifications made to the Device of a technician not authorized by the manufacturer or the Insurance Company or any type of self-repair or attempt to self-repair.
i. Any accidental damage caused by pre-existing defects.
j. When the model number or serial number or number of IMEI / ESN sticker (previously registered) of the Device is removed, damaged, defaced, stained or erased.
k. Device considered waterproof by the manufacturer and Devices pertaining an IP rating above 68 are excluded from water damage cover. It is understood here that any other liquid damage (coffee, soft drink, etc.) not covered by the manufacturer warranty will be covered by this Accidental Damage Insurance.
l. Damages of a non-accidental nature.
m. Losses occurring outside Oman & UAE.
n. When the Identification of damaged Device does not match the details stated in the insurance policy schedule.
o. When the Insured person does not submit the documentation requested by the company and needed to manage the claim.
p. When it is not possible to verify the IMEI number (for smart phones) (it was not previously registered).
q. When the Insured is not up to date with the payment of insurance premiums.
r. The loss, theft (other than burglary or robbery) or mislaying of the Device
s. Duly excluded are the costs of accessories or of any consumable part related to the operation of the Insured Device (modem, hands-free kit, charger, battery, add-in cards or any accessory that is secondary to the Insured Device) other than originally supplied by the manufacturer
t. Expenses incurred as a result of permanence clauses in contracts with the operator. (when Device is purchased via Telecommunication Company).
u. Any cleaning, service, inspection, maintenance, adjustment or repair process not authorized by the Insurance Company.
v. Any malfunction resulting from; incorrect configuration or reconfiguration of the Device or use of an application.
w. Cosmetic damage: the repair of the Insured Device solely affected by cosmetic damage, which does not prevent the correct operation of the Device.
x. For avoidance of doubt, accidental damage on phone and tablet back cover is covered by this insurance.
y. Willful acts or acts carried out in bad faith, by the Insured Person or the person for whom he / she is responsible for, or those derived from the infringement or deliberate breach of the legal regulations.
z. Any loss caused by negligence of the Insured.
aa. event specific single a to attributable not Claims.
bb. Any fraudulent conduct in order to receive benefits from any of the coverages to which this Policy entitles.
cc. Cost of mounting and dismounting for the diagnosis, when the breakdown or accidental damage is not covered under this Policy for any reason.
dd. Normal wear and tear, obsolescence.
ee. Breakdown or damage caused by incorrect storage, poor maintenance, improper installation, unless the authorized service representative confirms the opposite
ff. Any breakdown or damage covered by the manufacturer\'s warranty or any other Insurance.
gg. nature any of loss Consequential.
hh. Transportation or shipping costs borne by Insured Person to and from authorized repair facility designated by Authorized service center.
ii. Any kind of Civil Liability incurred by the Insured Person.
jj. Insurer is exempt from liability when as a result of force majeure, it is unable to put into effect any of the benefits specified envisaged in this policy.
kk. Armed conflicts (whether there is an official declaration of war) tumultuous actions produced by the course of meetings or demonstrations, rebellion, sedition, riot, or terrorism.
ll. Reaction or nuclear radiation or radioactive contamination.
mm. Natural disasters. Pollution, corrosion, as well as any variation or harmful influence of water, air or soil and, in general, on the environment.

Robbery or Burglary exclusions:
nn. Robbery or Burglary losses that occur outside Oman and UAE.
oo. Accessories.
pp. Mysterious disappearance, circumstances or unexplained reasons.
qq. Robbery or Burglary of the device from unattended vehicles, except from fully enclosed car that is securely locked all the security systems were activated and all reasonable security measures had been taken to conceal the Insured Device.
rr. Device kept in a shared hallway, communal area, or a utility room in a block of flats, are not covered. Robbery or Burglary of the Insured device when left unattended in a place to which the public has access at the time of the incident. Where the theft occurs as a result of leaving it unattended in full view and in a public place, or beyond the reach of the owner, with no control or safekeeping of the Insured Device possible, or due to any intentional or negligent omission.
ss. In case of burglary, where it cannot be proven that the entrance to the said location was forced or accessed in a violent manner.
tt. The theft of the Insured Device without using force against neither objects, nor violence or intimidation against the people who are carrying or safeguarding it. uu. The loss, theft or mislaying of the Insured Device is excluded.


This Policy, the Schedule, and these General Conditions, the Special Conditions, Warranties, Exclusions, and Endorsements, known collectively as the Terms of the Policy, shall be read together as one contract and any word or expression to which a special meaning has been attached in any part shall bear such meaning throughout.


If at the time of any loss or damage happening to any Device hereby Insured, there be any other subsisting insurance or insurances, whether effected by the Insured Person or by any other person or persons, covering the same Device, this Insurer shall not be liable to pay or contribute more than its rateable proportion of such loss or damage.


If the Insured Person makes a claim knowing the claim to be false or fraudulently exaggerated in any respect or make a statement in support of a claim knowing the statement to be false in any respect or submit a document in support of a claim knowing the document to be forged or false in any respect or make a claim in respect of any Accidental Damage caused by the Insured Person willful act or with the intent to defraud the Insurer and Authorized service centre, Then the claim will be declined and your insurance Policy will be cancelled without notice with no refund of premium.
The Insurer and Authorized service centre may be entitled to recover from Insured Person the cost of any claim already paid under this Insurance Policy (if necessary, the cost may be recovered through legal proceedings).
Insurer and Authorized service centre may also be entitled to recover from Insured Person the cost of any investigation into a fraudulent claim under this Insurance Policy (if necessary, the cost may be recovered through the instigation of legal proceedings).
In such an event, some or all of the following actions will happen:
i. All benefits under this insurance Policy will be lost
ii. We may cancel the policy
iii. We may not refund the premium, and
iv. We will refer the matter to the public prosecution


In the event Insured Device is replaced by manufacturer warranty provider due to manufacture fault .The Insured person needs to update his/her Policy data, Insured shall provide official proof from manufacturer warranty provider which shows that the replacement of Device and such a proof shall contain the details of both Devices such IMEI / serial number, brand and model of the Devices. Such request shall be reported to the Insurance company within a maximum period of 96 hours from the date of Device replacement otherwise the administrator company reserves its right to reject the request.


The Insured Person must contact the Insurer by tel. on 22826761 or by email on within a maximum period of 5 working days from the date of the Accidental Damage, Robbery or Burglary. The Insured Person then is required to submit the required documents or Device to the authorized service centre designated by Insurance Company within a maximum of 10 working days from the date of notification of the claim.
No claim will be undertaken by the Insurance Company unless notified in accordance with the terms of this Article.
When the Insured Person declares a claim, the claim declaration form shall be filled out, signed and submitted to the Insurance Company,
The Authorized service centre will arrange the repair or replacement in authorized repair facility, under these Terms and Conditions and in accordance with the Insured Person, who is required to allow access to the Insured Device or their transfer where necessary.


1. Claim and service process
In case of accidental damage, always before any work is carried out on the Insured Device, the policy holder must contact the call centre authorized by Insurance Company’s Claims Department within a maximum period of 5 working days from the date of the Accidental Damage and submit the required documents and device to the repairer technician within a maximum of 10 working days from the date he notified the contact centre.
The Insured Person must provide the Insurance Company or the service centre with the following documents:
1) Copy of the Insured Person identification, passport.
2) Insured Device serial number (IMEI) in case of mobiles or Serial Number S/N in case of Tablet/ Device.
3) Copy of the Policy Schedule.
4) Claim intimation form to be filled out at the time of submitting the damaged Device to the appointed workshop.
5) In case of burglary, robbery or damages caused intentionally by third parties not authorized by the owner and using force or intimidation against the Insured, original copy of the report filed with the competent authority, such report must contain full details and proper/clear explanations about the case including the details of the Insured Device.

In case of Accidental Damage to the Insured device.
1. In case of accidental damage of the Device the insured must call our contact centre to declare the claim to the following number 22826761 or to the following email address:
2. The call centre shall be available 24 hours, but the claims management shall be handled only during working hours (from 8.00 am to 16.00 pm).
3. Insurer or authorized Call Centre should direct the Insured to take the device directly to the repairer.
4.The Insured shall provide to the claim handler or the service provider the following information:
4.1. Name as per the policy schedule.
4.2. Policy Number
4.3. Insured Device serial number (IMEI) in case of mobiles or Serial Number S/N in case of Tablet/ Device.
4.4. Device Model
4.5. Device original warranty provider.
4.6. Insured Telephone contact.
5. The claim handler representative shall call back the Insured within maximum four (4) working hours from the time the first contact call received.
6. The claim handler representative shall call the Insured and he shall guide him to appointed authorized service centre.
7. The Insured shall go to the selected workshop to deliver the damaged Device following completion of a claim form signed by both parties (Insured and technical service).
8. This claim form shall be presented eventually at the time of collection of the repaired/replaced Device.
9. The authorized workshop shall inspect the Device, assess the damage and send a report to claims administrator company with a:
9.1. Description of the damages.
9.2. Technical cause of the damage.
9.3. Estimation of repair or replacement cost.
9.4. Estimation of repair time.
9.5. Photo of the damaged part/component and a photo of the serial number for the claimed Device.
10. If the damage is covered under the policy, the Device is repairable and the cost of repair does not exceed the liability limit, the claims administrator shall authorize the Device repair to the workshop.
11. Once the Device is ready for delivery, the workshop or the call centre shall call directly the Insured and they shall request him to pick it up from his premises.

The following clauses will be applied on workshop:
a. All Mobiles and Tablets brands will be repaired and returned back within 15 working days to the Insured if the Device is repaired within The Insurer network of repairers.
b. Service providers shall approve an estimation report assessing the damage submitted by the service centre within two working days from the date of receiving the report.
c. Service Centre provide Repair Warranty for Parts repaired will be for 30 days.
d. There will be no warranty on the Device repaired under this agreement.
f. In cases where the Device is beyond repair and reached its end of life cycle in the market, the service providers shall propose alternate model having similar features to be replaced.
g. If the spare parts required for repair are not available within 15 working days from the time the workshop issues the claim form, the claims administrator shall authorize replacement of the damaged Device


Nothing contained in this Policy gives third party any rights.


The Policy is not renewable.


This Policy may be cancelled at the written request of the Insured at any time provided there are no unpaid or outstanding claims under this policy. In such cases, the Insurer will apply short period premium as hereunder for the time the Policy has been in force.
This insurance may be terminated at the option of the Insurer, under the following circumstances, in which case, the company shall give 30 days’ written notice of cancellation to the insured, and the Insurer shall be liable to repay a rateable proportion of the premium for the unexpired term from the date of the cancellation:
a. Any Non-disclosure, misrepresentation of any material fact by the Insured, in respect of this insurance. (A material fact is one which affects the judgment of the Insurer in deciding whether to accept a risk or not and if he decides to accept, the terms on which he will do so. For any existing insurance, it affects his judgment of whether he wishes to continue to insure the risk, and if so, on what terms).
b. Any non-observance of the terms of this insurance contract by the Insured.
c. Non-Payment of premium on due dates agreed. Default of Insured person to comply with agreed premium payment agreed with Insured at Policy inception.
d. Non-cooperation of the Insured Person with the Insurer, their representatives, loss adjusters, investigators in respect of any claim.
e. Repeated losses of same nature and the Insured Person not complying with loss minimization measures.
However As per General Condition on “Fraud”, the Insurer is not obliged to provide any notice of cancellation or return of premium in case fraudulent claim/s is/are lodged under this policy


This Insurance Policy shall be subject to and governed by, in its interpretation or in respect of any difference or dispute arising out of or in connection with it, to the laws and regulations of the Sultanate of Oman. The competent Courts of the Sultanate of Oman shall have the sole jurisdiction in case of any difference or dispute arising out of or in connection with this Insurance Policy.


The Insured shall, at the expense of the Insurer do and concur in doing, and permit to be done, all such acts and things as may be necessary or reasonably required by the Insurer for the purpose of enforcing any rights and remedies, or of obtaining relief or indemnity from other parties to which the Insurer shall be or would become entitled or subrogated, upon its paying for any loss or damage under this policy, whether such acts and things shall be or become necessary or required before or after his indemnification by the Insurer.
In respect of non-disclosure/misrepresentation of any material fact, the Insurer shall be entitled to deduct any expenses incurred towards the issuance of this policy, from such refund premium payable upon cancellation.


In the event of a difference between the Arabic and English texts in this Policy, the Arabic text shall prevail.


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